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Jessica Moran


It could have been the kiwi-strawberry Boone’s Farm, or perhaps it was the frosty Old Style pilfered from her friend’s parents’ refrigerator, but Jessica’s boozy beginnings evolved into a series of life events that play out like a movie. Just like a Hollywood screenplay, some of her more memorable episodes include “Tequila Tuesday”, in which an underage teenager singlehandedly takes on Jose Cuervo by herself, and subsequently loses. There’s always the epic “Dude, Where’s My Tooth?” episode, and the cult-classic “Small Wonder”, where Jessica reprised the role of Vicki, a sharp-tongued robot girl who wakes up after blacking out in only a Small Wonder jacket. Jessica has always loved sharing stories of her alcohol-fueled adventures, but it’s rare you’ll get the whole picture as the ability to recollect events grows more difficult as the evening goes on. Thankfully, her professional life as a singer has introduced her to all new kinds of poison, like her staple faves Jameson, Stoli Razberry, and the occasional Jager Bomb retrospective.  If you have a chance to meet Jessica, buy her three Fireballs and she’ll be happy to forget your name!

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