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Göran Norquist


Göran Norquist goes by many names: Gare Bare the Bear, Göran the Barbarian, Chief Dancing Bear, a lot of other Bear-related names, and of course you all know his motto of “It’s a Guarantee with Göran T.” (Because his middle initial is ‘T’) But most everyone just calls him Göran for short. Göran is known as the number one Beer Pong player in all of California (where the game originated) and you can’t dispute that because you’re not from there; so suck it, nerds. Nowadays he sticks mostly to the classier drinks of Old Fashioneds inspired by Don Draper, Scotch Mists inspired by Walt Disney, and Naughty Girl Scouts inspired by Samantha Jones. Tonight, he hopes to instill in you some nostalgia of long forgotten times of calling old hook-ups at 4 in the morning and leaving them voice-mails about how sleeping is stupid and sex is fun. If you sit back and close your eyes, you might even be able to remember the smell of 4-loco mixed with Taco Bell. Enjoy. Oh, also he acts.

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