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Laura Dellis

Laura is a recent graduate of the Chicago College of the Performing Arts. She walked away with summa cum laude honors, which means she is super smart. She is also going to be covered in debt for the rest of her life, so you can’t win them all. She is currently trying to “network” and “audition for everything” so that people get to know her, she can be hired, and that she cannot feel like a failure.

She does improv, stand up, musical theater, regular theater, karaoke, and, most importantly, she is living out her passion as a server at TWO different restaurants (lucky girl!). She can’t believe she gets to wake up every day and serve others who don’t deserve her. It’s truly a pinch-me moment for her! She hopes that someday she will become the greatest server of all time. Watch out world, here she comes!

She is so excited to be performing in After Party! She can’t wait to talk about boys and shame them. It’s gonna be fun! She hopes she doesn’t disappoint. Like seriously, please laugh at her..or with her! Whatever works! Yay!

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