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Bow & Hammer


After meeting at a festival in Italy circa 2010, Kit Satoh and Elizabeth Newkirk didn’t actually become compatible as friends without the help of their German friend Spaten (READ: Beer) and some pizza. Founding their duo called Bow & Hammer after a holiday celebration in 2012 flowing with wine, they’re still holding strong together, performing classical music around Chicagoland. Bow & Hammer is partial to collaborating with the Food Industry, which makes some great events, and also fuels their constant thirst…for life. Their adventures have taken them through Italian wine, Chicago beers, lots of harder stuff, and helped them befriend many a fabulous bartender. One is a sneaky heavy hitter while one is a big-talker, but don’t let size influence your judgment call. Generally non-discriminate in their choosing (glass bottles are a requirement), some of their favorite libations over time can be found HERE at their website. Though different in many ways, both can be presently placated with a stiff Sidecar.

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