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Ryan Duncan


Ryan’s first “adult beverage” came in the form of a Sprite can half filled with plastic-handle vodka given to him by some wasted girl at a high school cast party. And he thought “well, it can’t get more ratchet than this.” He was incorrect. Ryan’s drinking adventures have taken him from secret raves in the basements of his hometown to less-secret raves at Northwestern University, where he graduated as a double major in Theatre and History in 2014, right into the warm arms of the Chicago theatre community. A classy gentleman on most occasions, Ryan enjoys a good Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned, or Single Malt Scotch (if you’re buying). Personal alcohol achievements include completing Edward 40-Hands without collapsing into a puddle of tears, being an exquisite dancer while heavily under the influence, and defeating Göran Norquist (self-proclaimed “number one Beer Pong player in all of California”) at Beer Pong. You may have seen Ryan in Metropolis’ Spamalot, or A Christmas Carol, and he will next be appearing in NightBlue Theatre’s Mary Poppins. Shout-out to his family and friends, the theatres and businesses that keep him gainfully employed, and to whoever buys him a drink after the show tonight!

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