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Dominic Rescigno


Dom sincerely hopes that tonight you get Fun-Drunk-Dom and not Sit-In-Corner-And-Frown-Drunk-Dom. Either way, he thanks you for your patronage and for supporting his best friend, Micky York. He has worked around town for FWD*, Williams Street Rep*, The Second City*, Metropolis*, NightBlue*, Citadel*, and more*. He also is the founder of Lantern Theatre, sits on the board of FWD Theatre Project, is proudly represented by Shirley Hamilton Talent, and is engaged to make a wife of the stunningly well-crafted Katelyn Peters. If you’re heading to the bar, Dom would appreciate an Old Fashioned or a glass of the barkeep’s smokiest single malt scotch.

*Denotes theatres where Dom has had drinks during performances. This is a secret, though, and pretty unprofessional, so don’t tell anyone.

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