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Andrew Sickel


Andrew loves to occasionally get blackout drunk and wake up in a dumpster in Connecticut. It all started in high school, when his German exchange student friend, snuck in rum to a sleepover and everything got LIT. Usually, he drinks cheap wines and sangrias until he inevitably shatters his glass on the ground. He has been known to shoot whiskey and sometimes vodka, and then chase with some type of fruity b*tch drink, like a Seagrams or a Mike’s┬áHard Lemonade. Andrew loves watching movies, playing with his dogs and having a crippling chemical addiction to sweet, sweet Irish whiskey. When he’s sober (mostly), you can find him performing around Chicago with such companies as Kokandy, Theo Ubique, Porchlight and Drury Lane. He’d like to thank Admiral Nelson, rum ham and Kathie Lee Gifford.

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