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Andriana Pachella


Andriana is thrilled to be coming out of stage-retirement for this night of spirits and song. She did appear in an After Party story once when her husband, Jason Richards, reminisced about their wine-fueled domestic brawl in the streets of Rome a mere 48 hours post-nuptials. Andriana has always been one for extremes. Her first drinking experience was taking 5 shots of vanilla vodka in 20 minutes at a high school party and proceeding to simultaneously vomit and accuse everyone at the party of hating her. The term “marathon” can be applied to several of her enjoyed past-times including marathon flip-cup tournaments while at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!), marathon Chicago bar-hopping summer days, marathon drunken cheese-eating binges…and yes, actually running 26.2 miles. Though she now spends much of her time teaching fitness, personal training and running marathons, she still lives by the “alcohol has no calories” theory of nutrition.

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