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Alex Newkirk

newkirk-squareAlex has been drinking since the ripe legal age of 20 and spent many weekends without alcohol trying to convince himself he wasn’t totally reliant upon it. He bought it hook, line, and sinker and has now given himself permission to sit with a glass of red wine every night or a bourbon on the rocks if he’s playing dirty. Alex played day-drunk Yente awhile back and called a Chase Bank to hook his roommate up with a banker who would later becomeĀ a significant beau in her life. So this justifies all of his drinking ever and all of the intoxicated choices he’s made. When he isn’t trundling about the city he can usually be found coaching actors or music directing and on a rare occasion acting upon the great theatrical stage. Most of the time he follows the lead of Stephanie Stockstill and watches Netflix with his own cats, Alfred and Apostrophe.

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