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Sierra White

When Sierra first met rum she was a scared 19 year old student looking for something new, something real. She had never drank alcohol before, but something about  it seemed so right. Over the course of four years their relationship blossomed into a beautiful, loud, hot mess. And it seemed that things had the potential to be this great forever. That is until tragedy struck…
In 2013, Sierra was diagnosed with a severe rum allergy, urged by doctors never to drink it again and to carry an epi-pen should they meet unexpectedly. Some years have passed and although she is now in a fully committed relationship with the ever reliable and yet flexible whiskey, she still can’t help but long for those sweet and sloppy cocktails she used to know. Moved by this tale? Feel free to show your support by buying her a drink or shot at the show.  BUT NOT RUM. Don’t even speak of it.

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