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Patrick Tierney


Patrick is too busy watching the Cubs in the playoffs (and most likely drinking PBR, because that’s just what you do) to get to the business of writing a bio. Luckily, Micky is good at writing bios, especially after a few glasses of wine. Patrick got a musical theatre degree at Western Illinois University and is a Southwest Side of Chicago native. In 2010 he was named one of the Chicago Tribune’s “Hot New Faces” in Chicago Theatre. “Top Ten Tierney” has also been very fancy by performing in Les Mis at the Paramount, a bunch of shows at Theatre at the Centre (All Shook Up, Spelling Bee, Spamalot, Christmas Carol), and lots of other things that Micky got too tired to type out. Like, seriously a lot. But what’s really important is that TTT is always down for a drink, especially if it’s free. So, you know, maybe you buy him a drink or something.

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