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Melissa Minyard

minyard-main1Melissa Minyard had the privilege to perform the role of Cosette in the closing Broadway company of Les Miserables alongside legendary performer Terrance Mann. Most recently Melissa was nominated for a Carbonell award in Miami for her role as Fantine in the Actors Playhouse production of Les Miserables. Other favorite roles include Bella in an NYC adaptation of Aristophanes’  Lysistrata titled Lyz, Cathy in The Last Five Years, Vienna in Johnny Guitar, Johanna in Sweeney Todd, Amy in Company, and Katheryn/Lilly in Kiss Me, Kate, to name just a few. Television credits include regional commercials and One Life to Live, where she got to say the most riveting line in Soap opera history: “Excuse me, is that a dead body?” As a result of working with so many actors in so many places, Melissa has also cultivated a deep love of wine. She reminds you to always “set your intention” when choosing your wine charm. It’s important.

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