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Julia Merchant

Julia had her first boozy experience at the tender age of 10 when her best friend’s sneaky older brother Kevin switched the sparkling apple cider with wine coolers at a New Year’s Eve slumber party. To this day, it still stands as the best party she has ever attended. Since then, she has developed a more refined palate. Julia prefers rye, bourbon, champagne, scotch, rum, tequila, mezcal, pinot noir, rose, and very cold vodka on occasion. Especially in a to go cup. Julia is a memeber of SAG/AFTRA and has performed with Collaboraction, Emerald City, Lifeline, Chicago Shakespeare, Underscore, The House Theatre, at various speakeasies and bars, weddings, funerals, and can be found weekly playing piano and singing right here at Davenport’s, praying that you don’t request Piano Man. Cheers.

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