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Jason Richards

richards-square (1)Jason Richards drinks for a living. Sorry. Jason Richard acts for a living. Ok, Jason Richards acts. Originally from Detroit, he moved to Chicago a few years back and has no plans to leave this kick ass theatre town. You may have seen him on such stages as The Marriott, Porchlight Music Theatre, Kokandy Productions, Bailiwick Chicago and Chicago Shakespeare. Sometimes, he wakes up at an ungodly hour to perform for children. He even won one of those “Jeff Award” things you may have heard about! Despite attending them all his life, After Party is the first time Jason has EVER performed in a cabaret and he is so super stoked, mostly to see Micky‚Äôs legendary ability to play accompaniment with a glass of chablis in one hand while not spilling a drop. Jason landed a super hot wife, adopted a dumb, but cute, dog, has a lot of talented friends and is quite happy. Wanna do a shot after the show?

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