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Jameson Wentworth

Jameson received his education at Butler University, and had a burgeoning semi-pro career in Indianapolis before deciding to try to make it as a full-blown professional alcohol-drinker here in Chicago. Whether his shows have been in the winter or summer, fall or spring; whether the romantic lead in The Glorious Ones at ITC, or understudying a few shows at Theo Ubique; whether singing a song about sandwiches for an audience of children at Northbrook TYA, a song about drinking at Light Opera Works, or singing the Song That Goes Like This in Spamalot at JPAC, one thing has remained constant: during his nearly 7-year career in Chicago, Jameson has enjoyed a successful run of drinking alcohol both after rehearsals and performances of his own shows, as well as before, during, and after his friends’ shows. Jameson even kissed his best friend after a long night of drinking. And now she’s his loving, supportive, and probably-too-hot-for-him girlfriend. And they have a dog and apartment together. Jameson’s drink of choice is a dry rye Manhattan on the rocks, but will never turn down any of those free shots of Jameson he gets, because—you know—everybody’s always the first one to make that joke about his name.

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