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Don Hudson


Don didn’t touch the drink until he was nearly 30, and has subsequently spent the last few years making up for lost time. Because of his late bloom, he skipped Boone’s Farm, Jägar bombs and Natty Light, graduating immediately to the good stuff. He approaches drinking with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of a college freshman, but with legit adult hangovers.

As soon as he discovered the adventures made possible by bonding over beverages, Don knew he had to quit his desk job in Michigan and immediately move to Chicago. He now earns money to pay for his drinking hobby as a photographer and a musician, two professions where excessive alcohol consumption is a-okay.

After the After Party, his grown-up side wants to introduce you to his signature DonFashioned, but the kid in him just wants a boozy Baja Blast from Taco Bell Cantina.

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