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Brittany Handler


Brittany took DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) in 5th grade and swore she would never drink until 21 and then MAYBE a glass of wine every now and then. At 18, Brittany began disappointing 5th grade Brittany on a regular basis. Brittany is an actor, writer, and comedian in Chicago and performs frequently at various venues around the city. She moved here from Colorado where she consistently would fall asleep face down on the floor at parties, showing her cute Aerie undies to everyone after having an entire bottle of Moscato to herself. Brittany prides herself in being a cheap date and only needing 1-2 drinks to get completely wasted. If you do happen to get wasted and want to read some of Brittany’s writing, feel free to check out her blog and be on the lookout for her web series titled “Tails of History” (she made the title up while drunk.) Thanks to Micky for supporting her light-weight lifestyle and remember her motto from college “when the floor starts moving, stop drinking!” (But don’t actually stop.)

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