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Morgan Egan


Morgan is the dark horse of the drinkcapades. You’ll have to look closely and make no sudden movements to catch her in peak intoxication, but those who have know it is an experience only the pure and brave of heart can bear. It all started with beergaritas and collegiate a capella and quickly grew into bottles of Barefoot on the cold tile of the kitchen floor. There was the lost year of Phi Kappa Psi which included many a near miss with frat boy bathroom antics and morning after bacon. But her crowning moment, the one that will forever mark the history books, was on the occasion of her wedding when she chose a partner with whom to berth a theatre company: a company whose mission was not simply to produce epic musical theatre, but to have endless companions with which to create events including, neigh, featuring, the art of the perfect social buzz. Get her a shot, and a beer and you’ll be on your way to witnessing glory. (And check out more about her company here.)

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