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Kristine Burdi

burdi-squareKristine Burdi loves 5 things in life: her Husband, Disney World, her Cats, Performing and Drinking…in no particular order of course. And any combination of the above is seriously everything. She can most often be seen curled up with a delicious bottle of Cab Sav, though she is not an exclusive drinker. Kristine also appreciates a good beer and even an aged bourbon depending on the day…ehhem, night, because who drinks during the day…jeez! Now that Kristine has rambled on for her love of alcohol, here are a few other things you should know, so you don’t think she’s a complete lush. Kristine has been performing around Chicago, Orlando and the high seas for many years. She’s had the honor to work at some pretty amazing places including Fox Valley Rep, Metropolis, Royal Caribbean, Provision Theatre and Chicago Shakes. In addition to that, sometimes Kristine also choreographs shows with Micky; all dances are alcohol inspired of course, because duh! There is nothing better than drunken singing, so bottoms up everyone and enjoy the show!

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