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Jameson Wentworth

Five years ago, Jameson and Micky bonded over a love of gin, telling drinking stories, and Kelly Clarkson. Since then, Jameson has become a yoga instructor, gotten married, and he’s created his own show (a collab with Micky!) titled [Out of] Context, performed with Lifeline, with a new installment coming in the fall— [Out of] Context: Secrets.

Jameson has spent years honing his craft. Storytelling, sure, but during his a decade-long career in Chicago, he’s enjoyed a successful run of professional drinking. Once he gets his first real hangover, he’ll tell that story. But for now he’ll stick to epic tales of deception and quests for tacos. He loves gin, and also bourbon, but will never turn down any of those free shots of Jameson he gets (because of his name).

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